A Story of Love, Passion, Courage and Great Adventure

(… and Gallons & Gallons of Beer)

Do you believe that our lives should be packed with amazing experiences, surrounded by inspirational people and be an incredible, white-knuckle, roller-coaster ride where we strive to live every single day to the fullest?

If so, then you’re in the right place and this is a story for you…
It’s just your typical everyday story of boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, then boy and girl create an unstoppable partnership of master entrepreneur & master businesswoman in a land far away where, with a roll of life’s dice, they establish, against incredible odds, Aphrodite’s Rock Microbrewery & Event Centre, Cyprus’ first licenced Microbrewery.
William _ Jean Photo
Jean at CBWY 2016 _1

Doesn’t everybody…?

Bill & Jean Ginn’s British family-run business was founded 12-years ago on their shared vision to create something very special on this beautiful, sun-drenched Mediterranean island. This was a vision to build a legacy business to bring joy, happiness and warm hospitality to kindred spirits from countries around the world.

But this was not to be an easy journey. Oh no… Day-in, day-out for well over two years this plucky determined couple battled not only the Cyprus Government but the giant national commercial breweries of Keo and Carlsberg and, it is alleged (but surely not!), the mighty Greek Orthodox Church in Cyprus itself which owns the majority shareholding of Keo PLC!

Their ‘David vs Goliath’ struggle inevitably led them to the European Parliament in Brussels where they raised questions over the legality of the brewing industry in Cyprus and institutionalised discrimination. After returning from Brussels they were called to Nicosia and finally issued their ‘Permit to Brew’; so commonplace and taken-for-granted elsewhere.

Their triumphant victory and development in this very hostile business environment resulted in Jean, three years later, standing successfully on the podium at this country’s most-prestigious ‘Cyprus Businesswoman of the Year’ awards. For over twelve years, Aphrodite’s Rock Microbrewery & Event Centre has steadily established itself under the couple’s guidance as the leading and most successful small independent brewery in Cyprus. They give satisfying employment to a large staff of all nationalities, religions, gender, etc; offer training for local youth; and provide generous support to local communities and to many charities across the island. Were they ever really such a threat to the “establishment”?

So, come soak up the unwavering and determined spirit of this couple; come offer your support for their ongoing struggle; and come chat about their amazing lives. This is a story over 40-years in the making, a story of love, passion, courage and great adventure the like of which is rarely found these days and it’s an inspirational story of lives lived to the fullest.